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Urinsyregigt.com is a blog started in 2010 by a young man in his late 20s who think that it was very strange to have such a sore foot which the doctor said "gout".

I therefore determined to explore it a little more and go as deep with gout, gout, which I could - or as my head now would allow, when I have no experience or knowledge have in medicine, etc.

Just the experience and knowledge is quite important. As with many things on the Internet, do not believe everything you read. I have no intention to mislead this blog, all information is collected and written from my knowledge and from what I have managed to track down. With that said, it takes Urinsyregigt.com course no responsibility and it is important that you contact your doctor to have made the diagnosis, care, medicines and so on.

Please note that posts under "My Blog" is my personal "diary" and therefore may not be totally objective when it comes to gout / gout.

Most posts / pages on Urinsyregigt.com it is possible to make a comment. All are welcome to give their opinions, make suggestions / corrections, etc. All comments are moderated, however, before they are visible, which also means that all comments will be read. Required an email address to comment, but it is not visible on the page and will of course not be given / sold to third parties.

I hope you will find the contents of Urinsyregigt.com useful!

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