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"Painful arthritis booming"

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"Experts warn: thousands of people suffering from painful arthritis disease without knowing it - and the number is increasing rapidly" ... such starts Ekstra Bladet their article about gout, 23 January 2013. One might argue that if you are suffering, you are aware of it, "without knowing it" part is a little fun formulated [...]

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Cherry day as a remedy for gout attacks?

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In a recent article, from the form, it says concerning. cherries and gout that: It can get so-called uric acid crystals on to the hands, knees and toes, causing pain. Cherries help the body to excrete the necessary uric acid from the blood, so the pain goes away. It requires at least 45 pcs. cherry, before [...]

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Allopurinol works - and no side effects (for me)

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After about a couple of months with one daily allopurinol pill, have a recent blood test revealed that the amount of uric acid in my blood now exactly come inside the limit of 420 pmol / L for men, whereas before it was over 500 umol / L. Fortunately, I have not - so far as I have noticed - experienced some side effects [...]

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Dietary advice by gout - is the strict diet required?

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It is said that there is a relatively high ratio of food and beverages and the development of gout. In the old days, gout called "the kingdom of disease" and was associated with overweight due. High consumption of alcohol and fatty foods. The disease occurs somewhat more broadly than their own, but most men (90%) between 40 and 50 [...]

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Husmiddel gout: Baking powder

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In my quest for more knowledge about gout and how to get rid of it devilry, as much as possible, I am more places encountered a tip that says that you can drink a glass of water with baking soda. Basically, take about a teaspoon of baking powder and stir up [...]

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A day without gout

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They say there is light ahead, no matter how bad things than the species themselves. Overall, I am now also a very positive person brought, and one of the benefits of having gout include significantly less likely to get Parkinson's later in life (I read somewhere, I choose to believe [...]

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Drink coffee and reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood

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I found an American report in 2006, which looked at the effect of coffee, tea and caffeine have on uric acid. Uric acid is we are not happy to have too much of the body when it goes into the blood and makes the pain around the various joints. The study took the basis of 14,758 [...]

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Doctor: Cut down on meat and alcohol

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I was a quick visit to check up on something else (no problems), and in the same place, I asked right into it with gout. This was a different man from the one who originally gave me the diagnosis. The doctor explained how my foot has behaved and what the other doctor had said. [...]

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Gout? In foot ?! What F ... .. it is a diagnosis!

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... It was more or less the first words in my mind when the doctor said "gout" the first time. It was both the first time she said it, and to be honest, the first time I ever heard the word. Just to go back to the beginning and tell my story. It was the end of January 2010 I [...]

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Welcome to - blog about gout!

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Hello and welcome to! If you read this, it's probably because you have entered on this blog until you have much content on the page. When there is more content to this post probably be so far back in the archive, it is, few people ever read it. [...]

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