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Welcome to - blog about gout!

Hello and welcome to!

If you read this, it's probably because you have entered on this blog until you have much content on the page. When there is more content to this post probably be so far back in the archive, it is, few people ever read it.

To make a (potential) long history, relatively short, so I created this blog with the aim to bring together various resources about gout, also known as gout. I have been so "lucky" to get the diagnosis, and in the age of under 30 years. A bit too early, according to the statistics, and myself, but it is so I can learn to have been overweight most of his life - a hint across the bows, one can certainly say. is structured like a blog where you are on the front will always find the latest posts. There will, in time, also distinctive content pages with more information about exactly gout (gout), symptoms, causes and what else I can find to write about that relate to gout. With the blog I hope to give a picture of how it is to have a sore big toe that is plagued by gout and hopefully contribute with good and positive information to others with the same disorder.

Statistics say that about one out of 500 adults are affected by the disease, i.e., about 2%. It gives this blog a potential market of 11,000 Danes of which 9,900 are likely to be men, as 90% of sufferers are men. Basically, the 11,000 potential readers's not a big number to base a blog :) But I hope that others may. also can benefit from the information here - and who knows, maybe a few Norwegians or Swedes will look past too?

I hope at least in the best of the blog here, myself and all of you!

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