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"Painful arthritis booming"

"Experts warn: thousands of people suffering from painful arthritis disease without knowing it - and the number is increasing rapidly"

... Such starts Ekstra Bladet their article about gout, 23 January 2013. One might argue that if you are suffering, you are aware of it, "without knowing it" part is a little fun formulated here.

Nevertheless, they have since right. Gout is / can be a painful place.

According to the latest figures from the National Patient Registry suffers up to 70,000 people by gout, which is also called gout - or "rich man's disease" from the old days, although now it is not only rich people who get gout these days, thanks to our way of life here in recent time.

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- And remember to go to the doctor if you wake up with very sore big toe or experiencing other symptoms, and it turns out that you have gout, talk with your doctor about the possibility, for example. getting allopurinol (it works for me), so you can reduce attacks in the future, and not just pain ask them.

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