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Gout? In foot ?! What F ... .. it is a diagnosis!

... It was more or less the first words in my mind when the doctor said "gout" the first time. It was both the first time she said it, and to be honest, the first time I ever heard the word.

Just to go back to the beginning and tell my story. It was the end of January 2010 I (to my knowledge) the first time noticed was happening mysterious cases in my foot. On Friday, I got red meat and well with red wine. On Saturday I went for a walk of about 5 km, after a couple of aspirins had been head back on track. Then came Sunday and I felt for the first time what it feels like to have (a mild, I believe) gout in the foot, or in the big toe, one can certainly also call it.

At that time I had no clue what was wrong and I did not realize that I had done something wrong with my foot. Also, there was nothing to look at it, not raised, not red, nothing! Well yes, but there's no reason to go to the doctor just to go to the doctor, so I "went away", so to speak. A few days after, so I felt no more to it.

It took less than two weeks, then the pain started again to come creeping. The first day was not bad. But the day after, and I love that I got a taste of how bad gout may be when it hits the foot / big toe. I could hardly bear to go. Drove to the doctor in the morning and got an appointment an hour later.

She asked if I had gotten red meat or red wine recently and I explained the situation as outlined above. She was quite clear in its diagnosis: gout.

After "what the f ......" -tankerne were ironed through my head in about one second, I took it easy again. I thought that it goes well away with time otherwise there may well be something. Surprised I was when the doctor said that there is not usually something to do once it has arrived. You can get pretty good painkillers, so you do not have the mark of the rest of his life. There are also preventive, but she came not so much into (I would later learn from another doctor, why ...).

Today, a few weeks ago I was diagnosed and it still hurts in the foot. I take Ibumetin 400mg (prescription), but was not aware that it also works inflammatory. I just thought it was painkillers, so when it did not hurt so much anymore, so I stopped taking the pills ('d rather not take pain just for fun ...) days after it begins so to do more evil. Then I take a pill again, or two during the day, and it's good again the next day. So now I think that I take the 2-3 pills a day I will, and see what happens.

Sooner or later it must then go away again ...

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Thomas Hegner August 9, 2010 to 12:06

Be aware that Ibuprofen, which is the active ingredient in Ibumetin, increases uric acid levels in your blood - and therefore aggravates your gout although it dampens pain here and now. Please change the diet and try to do without painkillers.


Webmaster August 21, 2010 to 14:58

Thanks for the tip, Thomas. It is hereby passed on to other readers.


Kristian October 18, 2012 at 09:49

I woke in the night with crazy pain in the foot. By phone did doctor it is clear that it must be gout. For about three weeks ago oplevde I immediately on the right foot - but not in the same pain class. So I have not thought about it. I am somewhat shocked by the diagnosis, because I associate gout with older, overweight men. I myself am a bit overweight - but coach very much - and I'm all in their mid-30s. I would like to commend the website. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I dare not actually tell anyone (and not my boss), because of prejudices, so I have said that I have sprained foot. I can see that there are any good ideas and suggestions here - but there is someone who is kommetbaf with their gout? And if so - what did?


Webmaster October 18, 2012 at 11:36

Hi Kristian,

It is probably not unlikely you've got gout, but I would now probably have it investigated rather than settle for a diagnosis over the phone. A blood test can detect the amount of uric acid in your blood, and then the doctor will probably decide if you should receive allopurinol to keep uric acid in check. However, there are some that may well get a new attack when they begin taking allopurinol, but then I think most have good experience with it.

But I think clearly you need to be honest about it. As you well (maybe?) Can see, hits gout not only older obese men, as we are often especially linking it with the "old days", since it is / was a little a lifestyle disease.

As you can read here:
So it seems to include Vitamin C may help lower uric acid in the blood, so it is a relatively inexpensive method, and safe too. But I would probably steer clear of vitamin pills, and so instead buy vitamin C in raw powder form and mix it up with water / juice, for example. Such a tub here:
Now the half-large it is, 500g, so if you try to 1000mg (1g) per day as rows like a tub there for over a year. If you buy any. a small jar somewhere else, then you should be sure it is "L-ascorbic acid" and not "D-ascorbic acid" as they are also explained in the description of the above product.

But in the first place - go and visit the doctor and make sure that minimum to get a blood test, so the amount of uric acid in your blood can be determined.

Good luck with it!


Michael S June 21, 2015 09:31

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet with more omega 3 and less omega 6, no meat from four-legged animals and mega doses of vitamin C throughout the day ...


Arne Christensen September 17, 2015 to 15:42

Years ago, had many genes and smarter because of gout. Among other things, I have had outbreaks in both ankles !! Then you are quite handicapped. Are you completely to the rats, a corticosteroid regimen remove the arthritis and one is symptom free after a few days. Have not had major outbreaks since I was prescribed allopurinol.


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