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Dietary advice by gout - is the strict diet required?

It is said that there is a relatively high ratio of food and beverages and the development of gout. In the old days, gout called "the kingdom of disease" and was associated with overweight due. High consumption of alcohol and fatty foods. The disease occurs somewhat more broadly than their own, but most men (90%) between 40 and 50 years.

However, I have been told by doctors that nowadays there is no need to go on a strict diet, since you have such good medicine to it on their own, well can lower uric acid in the body. At the same time I have from a few doctors had recommended to avoid red wine and red meat. What it just as "trigger" attacks can vary from person to person, but foods that have a high content of purines, will generally be a good idea to cut back on, if you have gout and either do not take preventive medicine or will help medicine a bit. But it is as I said, varies from person to person, what can put a seizure in time - it need not even be food, something as healthy as weight loss and physical activity you're not used to, can also be a cause.

If you want to try to keep the uric acid in check through food, then the following dietary guidelines recommended (there are more and more information, but I think the following is the most important):

  • Avoid too much sugar. Fructose from sugar can increase the formation of uric acid. Apple juice contains some fructose, and some sugar-free candy products.
  • Avoid food with gærekstrak such. manufactured goods broth and meatballs.
  • Organ meats like liver, kidneys and sweetbreads can also increase uric acid content. Not nearly as bad products such as peas, beans, sardines, cod roe and broths.
  • Protein-rich food such as meat, also increases urine acidity.
  • Large calorie intake may also help to increase the uric acid, so make sense and follow an overall healthy and balanced diet.
  • Drink plenty of water as it reduces the chance of uric acid stones and can help to "wash you clean" (if one may say so). At the same time alcohol preferably avoided since even small amounts of beer, wine and spirits, could have a negative impact on uric acid.

Generally, obesity is not an advantage, so if you are overweight, it might be a very good idea to take a look at his overall diet and see if that can be lost 1-2kg a month just by making some small simple changes in its diet. It can be done.

But then again, there's drugs on the market as such. allopurinol, which also aims to reduce uric acid - without it as such need to go on a strict diet. How much, I think only a blood test can detect - every now and then.

I will return when I know more ...

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Ulf November 22, 2011 to 15:33

"Sjukdomen förekommer något bredare än sina egna"
Vad does it mean? Is it Danish?


Webmaster May 28, 2012 at 13:54

Hi Ulf,

It is probably the translator can not quite figure out the Danish - translations unfortunately happens automatically, so I would recommend you to read the Danish version, if you understand Danish.


Claus Jensen May 28, 2012 at 13:46

I myself have endured much with gout, so I was then quite happy to find your blog and hear a little from another, struggling with it.

Personally, I have long periods could keep the disease away solely by diet. Since it was the worst I also Allopurinol, but I just think that the pills were a small part of the changes that occurred. I've been measured my uric acid levels in the blood a few times, both went well and when it was really bad, and it has varied enormously. So it does look like that my body well can break it down, as long as it has not gone completely berserk.

I have kept a diary of how bad I've had it and I have eaten for long periods to see if there were some patterns. And for me there are two things that clearly have been worse than others: when I've been drinking wine or eating much sugar, then comes the pain! They also come if I have lived a little too well with steaks and red wine in a period, but to be a lot more for.

So for me it reassuring to note that diet alone can do it. The fact that I do not always have the backbone to live as healthy as I should, that I find so sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night with a toe that tells me ...


Webmaster May 28, 2012 at 13:58

Hello Claus,

Thanks for your comment - and sorry to hear you're one of the "lucky" with gout!

After I some time ago changed the doctor and got taken part tests, no one has confirmed that I myself suffer from gout - but my numbers in the blood is too high, so I guess I am at risk of getting it before or ago, so I am 300mg allopurinol daily and it lasts that uric acid century within the allowable limits.

If you can solve it with the diet it is fine, but as you say, it can be difficult to always live as healthy - and make some people, the body has just the astigmatism that makes you have to use the pills to keep uric acid in check.

When you lack a little motivation to eat healthy, you can always think about that in the course of a year is 98-99% of all cells in the body replaced - have you really feel like your body is built by McDonalds, candy and chips? :)

Good luck!


ra July 1, 2012 at 13:52

Bardzo dobre tłumaczenie;]


Webmaster July 1, 2012 at 13:56

It's machine translation (Google Translate), so that's why it's far from perfect, unfortunately.


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