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Doctor: Cut down on meat and alcohol

I was a quick visit to check up on something else (no problems), and in the same place, I asked right into it with gout. This was a different man from the one who originally gave me the diagnosis.

The doctor explained how my foot has behaved and what the other doctor had said. This guy would not see or touch the foot (I asked now not) but just assumed what the previous doctor had said might be true. And it is probably - I have no reason to doubt the initial diagnosis, although I do not even care about it.

Anyway, the only thing I got out of this doctor was largely to "cut down on meat and alcohol." No problem taking an occasional beer or a glass of red wine a few times a week, the body can easily cope. It was worse when smoke half a bottle of red wine, then it becomes too much for the body.

I was not really wiser, on the contrary. I really did know that meat and alcohol.

Not to sound like an alcoholic - or as the type who often go in town - but when I'm off to get a good steak and red wine, it is generally not to settle for one glass. It might take maybe a bottle of red wine and then just one irish coffee or two as dessert. Then you also change the set and just home to bed - maybe just have a liter of water to fall asleep, so the body does not dry out completely.

With such a point of sitting you are probably thinking "he is damn even asking for it when he gets gout, as he drinks". Yes, I'm probably even asking for it (unless my gout is inherited), but I rarely drink, mostly because I hate the way you have it the day after and I do not like to waste an entire day to feel bad . In a normal week, even a single Friday beer on average. Such a wine + Irish Coffee evening, as mentioned above, may occur on average every 1.5 months. Alone in my close entourage is there at least 5 people - my age or older - who takes on the "bender" 1 once a week, it must be something more violent than what I'm doing. I hope for their sake that they also are afflicted by gout.

Well, now it was here Posts shown more to defend what I do and not do, it was not the intention.

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