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Cherry day as a remedy for gout attacks?

In a recent article, from the form, it says concerning. cherry and gout that:

There may get called uric acid crystals on to the hands, knees and toes, causing pain. Cherries help the body to excrete the necessary uric acid from the blood, so the pain goes away. It requires at least 45 pcs. cherry, before the effect can be seen, the American research demonstrated.

45 pcs cherries (day?) Is selvfølelig part having to eat. There is a 45 to 55 calories per 100g cherries, and I must be honest and say that I have no idea what 45 paragraph cherry weighs, but you have a cherry near, you could try to figure out what 45 cherry corresponds to the calories - unless you have the courage to eat so many.

But perhaps it is not necessary to eat 45 paragraph? In an article on, they estimate that by eating 20 cherries a day can halve the risk of gout attacks.

There is particular .:

  • Having two servings of cherry fruit in the past 48 hours was Associated with a 50% lower risk of having another gout attack.
  • The use of cherry extract (any AMOUNT) in the past two days was Associated with a 40% lower risk of recurrent gout flare-ups.

Be sure to read the full article at the link above, if you are fond of cherries or is "desperate" to try new solutions - alternatively, consider talking to your doctor about getting allopurinol for gout, they do not cost much.

If you have experience with cherries and gout, leave like a comment below so others can benefit from your experience.

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Mr. Lasse October 31, 2012 at 17:52


45 pcs cherry corresponds roughly to the number of common typing keys on your keyboard. Including the series of numbers at the top. It gives a good picture of where was / little it is. And it's just to look down from the screen here, so you can see it for themselves :-)

about three handfuls I'd shoot it, if you like better "handfuls" as a unit ...

But ... Where the heck will find cherry winter? I think only those sold in a very short season?


Webmaster November 1, 2012 to 9:37

Hello Mr. Lasse,

It was a very good tip it with cherries and number keys on the keyboard :)

But the cherry in winter, I have to answer guilty.


Mr. Lasse November 3, 2012 to 16:23

If you read something about the cherries, which is based on research from the United States, there may be a risk that it is based on so-called "black cherries" or black cherry, which is used in a big way over there, but not so well known here in Europe. They are more bitter and has some other properties than the ordinary cherry, so you can not transfer what you read 1-1 to Danish conditions unfortunately. It may be, therefore, that is the difference you write about in the feature above ...

extra ...
One can find black cherries here in Denmark occasionally in nature. Komunerne plant them, among other things. The problem is that both the stones and leaves / twigs are toxic and it is also an invasive species in Danish nature.


Mr. Lasse November 3, 2012 to 16:25

* toxic to eat, otherwise not.


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