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A day without gout

They say there is light ahead, no matter how bad things than the species themselves. Overall, I am now also a very positive person brought, and one of the benefits of having gout include significantly less likely to get Parkinson's later in life (I read somewhere, I choose to believe it fits).

I have recently tried to be free from gout in about a day or so. Strange as it may sound.

It all started when I walked around for about a month with pain in the foot, and I simply could not find other cases where people had an "acute attack" for so long. A couple of weeks maybe, or days, but never one month. It simply could not be true, so I had resolved to now something had to happen, end up being on the damned pain pills every day for a month.

A few days later I woke up and had damn sore foot. I could not support it, had to take the wall to help to come over and pop a few painkillers and just relax for half an hour to the beginning to work. Here it was time to go to the hospital and get me a serious talk with knowledgeable people.

The doctor was on duty, moved back and forth in my foot and tapped some places, after which he said "it there, it's not gout. So you would have pain in the big toe or its part, and there you have nothing. " To make a long story short, he was convinced that it was the arch, or whatever you say, under the foot, which was to blame. If I got an appointment with a specialist to get on a tape so they could measure how I go, and then make a special sole, then it would go away.

To make the story a little more fun, so he was very surprised that the original doctor would not even take a blood test to confirm that I had gout - and while he would not even take one, to disprove it. I should not mention "blood" many times before he said that of course I had to get it done if it could give me peace of mind.

The day after I got results, and voila, the number of uric acid in the blood was too high. It is measured in something called "umol / L" which I absolutely do not know anything about. But the maximum of the men is shown 420 umol / L equivalent to 7mg / dl. My was in excess of 500 umol / L.

So I called the hospital again and saw another doctor. He was more sure that it was gout and now that the blood sample said what it said, he does not seem there was something unmistakable. I could just come in, he would give me medicine (allopurinol 100mg), which will lower the amount of uric acid in the blood.

That's it - I just managed to get a single day without gout (mentally) before I was diagnosed - again. This time, at least, is there good prospects. The longer I take allopurinol, the less pain in the foot due. Uric acid. I was also Ibuprofen 400mg, but the pharmacy had only 600mg of stock, so I got it instead. But it's been half strong cases, and I think really Ibuprofen (Ibumetin that box called) 400mg have been fine enough for my needs - so they 600mg I save for if it be really bad one day.

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