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Allopurinol works - and no side effects (for me)

After about a couple of months with one daily allopurinol pill, have a recent blood test revealed that the amount of uric acid in my blood now exactly come inside the limit of 420 pmol / L for men, where before was about 500 pmol / L.

Fortunately, I have not - so far as I have noticed - experienced some adverse reactions to allopurinol. Normally I was a little skeptical when I had read that Febuxostat was more effective at lower volumes than allopurinol, but the product known doctor is not, and I assume that the doctor probably know more than me, who have only read a few American studies on the subject :) So it was all for allopurinol and it has also worked to get the uric acid brought down.

Just to round the side effects of, so it's actually less fortunate side effects which apparently are - not only by allopurinol, but also by the analgesic NSAIDs and other means. You can see pictures of how these side effects include influence on one's skin, by huddoktor - click here. Of course, the side effects are not something that happens to everyone or quite often, but nevertheless, is it a little hard to know what your medicine is capable of unfortunate things :)

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